From among the follwing scholars or other external reviewers, depending on the topic of each articke, the editorial office would invite at least two reviewers to provid double-blind peer reviews and recommendations with regards to the publication of the received submissions. 


Reviewers would consider the following in their assessment of the submitted manuscripts, provided that they apply to the type and nature of the submission.

  1. Appropriateness and Importance of the topic of the submission: Is this an important topic within the area? Is the paper likely to make an original contribution to knowledge in the field? Will the paper stimulate discussion?
  2. Theoretical Orientation: Is a theoretical framework evident? Are the stated hypotheses or research questions significant? Does the author refer appropriately to previous research? For theory-based papers (those which propose a new framework or reinterpret earlier studies), is the discussion substantive, thought-provoking, and insightful?
  3. Research Design (where appropriate): Has the author provided sufficient information about, the participants, data collection, analysis procedures? Is the design appropriate for the research questions or hypotheses? Are the findings of the research stated? Are the findings likely to be of interest to readers?
  4. Presentation: Is the paper well-written? Is it well-organized and clearly presented?
  5. Ethics: Does the study follow research ethics when human participants are concerned? Is proper acknowledgement cited when third-party material is used?

If the reviewers would recommend resubmission, specific suggestions and comments would be provided concerning the recommended revisions.